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Why Now?



Miami central area is one of the fastest growing Jewish populations in the world.  It tripled in the past few years.  This population constitutes of single professionals and young families looking for urban lifestyles, where they can live, work, and play in the same place.

The organized Jewish community have little to none installed infrastructure to serve this new wave of people.  The increase density of the general population makes commuting almost impossible.

Beth David has 105 years of history anticipating Miami Jewish community’s needs.  We are strategically located at the crossroads of some of the most significant intersections of Miami (Brickell Ave, Rickenbacker Cswy., US-1, Miami Ave & Coral Way).  We also find ourselves at a crossroads of Jewish assimilation and apathy. We must offer so much more for young families to engage in the Jewish religion and our Jewish culture.  We envision the improvement and expansion of our school programs; and building an all new all-inclusive community center and rebuild a more flexible sanctuary with additional chapels and Mikvah. 

This project is vital at this moment because the demographic explosion in the area and the wave of millennial migrating here.  This will be the largest and one of the few Jewish footprints in such high demand area. 

In a world that is easy to assimilate, the existence of an inclusive Jewish institution that offer many opportunities for people to engage and relate to the core values of our religion based on the love for fellow man, peace, tikkun olam (heal the world) and l’dor v’dor (from generation to generation) is essential.   These values make the world a better place and it is our duty to teach them to our children so they can continue to better this world.  We need to make sure to engage this new population and generation settling in our area before they assimilate.