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The Jewish Community in Central Miami


The Jewish population in Brickell and downtown Miami has tripled in recent years, the majority of which are young (particularly young families), educated professionals who strongly identify as Jewish but only 3% are connected to a local Jewish Community Center.  Jewish residents in and around Beth David have the following characteristics:

  • 39% of adults in Jewish households are foreign born
  • 86% live in high rise buildings
  • 15% (1,000 children) of persons in Jewish households are age 0-17, of whom 650 are age 0-5
  • The median age of persons in Jewish households is 33 years
  • 41% are currently married; 37%, single; 88% of adults age 25 and over in Jewish households have a four-year college degree or higher
  • 68% of adults in Jewish households are employed full time
  • The 2013 median household income is $111,000
  • 31% of Jewish respondents identify as “Just Jewish”
  • 43% Reform; 20% Conservative; and 6% Orthodox
  • 90% of respondents agreed with the statement, “I have a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people”
  • 23% of households reported synagogue membership
  • Only 3% of households are current members of a local Jewish Community Center